This is a re-creation of a photograph album originally owned by Martha Earnshaw, who was born in Denholme near Bradford in the West Riding of Yorkshire on July 27th 1865.

The album was given to Martha in 1892, on her 27th Birthday, shortly before her marriage on November 9th to William Henry Murgatroyd. The inscription on the fly leaf suggests that this may have been a gift from her future husband.

After Martha's death on January 5th 1937 the album passed to her eldest daughter, Laura, who added captions to many photographs as well as inserting others. On Laura's death the album passed to her grandaughter, in whose possession it remains.

To navigate through the album click on the top corners of the pages. If you have Java™ installed you can click on the photographs to see larger, annotated versions. Each of these will open in a new window. When you wish to return to the album simply click on the picture or the 'X' at the top right corner of the window to close it.

Now, click on the album to open it.

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